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Current Prices and Ordering Information:

If you are interested in purchasing LED Drivers here are the current prices:

CC1A (1000mA Buck, Automotive Rated)                                                                                $20

b3Flex (500/1000mA/1500mA/2000mA/2500mA/3000mA user reconfigurable)       $35 (heatsink shims available for $1 each)
(NEW UI-UNI3 unified firmware)

LFLEX V3 Driver Board (NEW UI-UNI3 unified firmware)                                                       $25

DUALFLEX V1 Driver Board (NEW UI-UNI3 unified firmware)                                                $30

HBFLEX High Power BOOST Driver board 3000mA                                                                  $40
(700mA, 1000mA, 1500mA, 2000mA, 2500mA, 3000mA user reconfigurable)
(New UI-UNI3 unified firmware)

H6FLEX High Power BUCK Driver board 6600mA                                                                    $40
(1400mA, 2000mA, 2800mA, 3000mA, 3600mA, 5000mA, 5600mA, 6000mA,
and 6600mA user reconfigurable) (New UI-UNI3 unified firmware)

H6CC High Power BUCK Driver board 6700mA                                                                        $32

HALLSW (Hall Sensor Switch board)                                                                                         $10

HALLTG (Hall Sensor TOGGLE Switch board)                                                                           $12

PIEZOTG (Piezo switch input TOGGLE board)                                                                           $12

PIEZO SWITCH (Momentary action Stainless Steel 12mm Piezo Switch)                         $14

Hyperboost V3.0 BOOST driver board (3200mA max Output)                                             $40

Packing/Shipping per order                                                                          $5 / $8 (1st class/priority, US address)
    Postage Pricing Increase (Jan 2016)                                                      $15 (typical International Air mail up to 8oz, weight dependent)
                                                                                                                           $35 (typical International Priority mail, flat rate packet)

To order any of the above or if you have any questions send an email AND SPECIFY YOUR COUNTRY ->
TaskLED will NO LONGER SHIP TO ITALY due to unreliable Italian Postal & Customs service.
Orders from Russia NOW require Insurance $2.50 per $100 insured.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL drivers are tested multiple times during assembly and prior to shipping. Due to the nature of these drivers being quite small and 'bare' and requiring the user to solder wires directly to the boards please don't order if you are not comfortable with fine soldering and good electronics assembly practices.

Contact info:

Current Status/Inventory 31 Dec 2017

Note The inventory below only shows ready to ship units.

Quantity in Stock


7CC1A V1.0 Buck Driver boards (1000mA)
61 b3Flex V1.0 Buck Driver boards (3000mA max)
7 LFlex V3.0 Linear Regulated Driver boards
6 DualFlex V1.0 Linear Regulated 2 channel Driver boards
0 H6CC V1.0 Buck Driver (Adjustable Output, 6700mA max)
14 H6Flex V2.0 Buck Driver boards (6600mA max)
9 HBFlex V1.0 Boost driver boards (3000mA max)
3 Hyperboost V3.0 Boost Driver boards (Adjustable Output, 3200mA max) (NEW)
8 Hallsw V1.0 Hall Sensor switch board. Magnetically actuated switch for water proof housings UPDATED
7 Halltg V1.0 Hall Sensor switch board. Magnetically actuated TOGGLE switch for water proof housings
6 Piezotg V1.0 Piezo switch TOGGLE board for water proof housings
1 Piezo Switch, Stainless Steel 12mm (momentary action, compatible with Piezotg board)

TaskLED reserves the rights to make changes to driver specifications and firmware features at any time without notice. Output current specifications are nominal design values and a +/- 5% tolerance is to be expected in various production runs over voltage range and temperature range.

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